Ready-made Polish companies

Ready for a company with a history of credit

We alsko offer ready-made shelf companies with a tranding history under a credit at individual rates tailored to the clinet’s creditworthiness

Our offered shelf companies with trading history are fully prepared to continue their activity and possess all regally required numbers and licenses, including National Court Register Number (KRS), National Business Registry Number (REGON) and Tax Identification Number (NIP), and EU-VAT number.

Our offer includes companies with a few-monthly and a few-yearly trading history. The date of their registration may facilitate the obtaining of a credit, subsidy, enable making a bid in a tender or participating in other official procedures. Older companies are also perceived as more trustworthy by clients.

WE GUARANTEE that ready-made shelf companies on our offer are free of any debts, encumbrances or legal errors, otherwise we shall reimburse you for the price paid for the company.

At the time of their sale, our limited liability companies are complete legal entities possessing:

  • company capital in the minimum amount of PLN 5,000
  • articles of association, subject to amendments at the Client’s request
  • a number in the National Court Register (KRS)
  • an active bank account
  • a National Business Registry Number
  • registration for CIT and VAT / EU VAT taxes
  • current accounting books and financial statements.

We can modify the company at the Client’s request, for example by changing the company headquarters, composition of the managing board, or updating data in relevant institutions.

We can also offer opening of companies in line with requirements of prospective stakeholders or shareholders.